10,000 Maniacs Live at the Belly Up!


One of our longest and most hit filled live albums, 10,000 Maniacs Live at the Belly Up was recorded on August 5, 2017 and features 21 tracks and just under 100 minutes of music. Highlights include the band’s hits “Trouble Me,” “Candy Everybody Wants,” and set closer “These Are Days” as well as a rousing version of the band’s iconic cover of Patti Smith’s “Because the Night” and an inspired version of the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.  Click here to listen to sample tracks.


Maniacs were founded by Robert Buck, Dennis Drew, Steven Gustafson, John Lombardo and Natalie Merchant in the fall of 1981. Jerry Augustyniak joined in 1983. Together with artists like R.E.M. they defined college rock and created the first wave of alternative rock bands and what became known as the alternative rock format on FM radio. more info…

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