New What’s Up at The Belly Up Podcast Guest – Rusted Root

The What’s Up at the Belly Up Podcast takes it on the road this week, recording in the lovely Observatory in North Park with Rusted Root. We talked about Pennsylvania, pierogis, helicopter rides in Catalina, and Liz being left behind in Vegas. Rusted Root is comprised of Michael, Liz, Patrick and around 26 other members (according to them) and have been writing and releasing music together for around 26 years!!!!

Episode 55 – Rusted Root

And be sure to check out Rusted Root’s Live at The Belly Up release. Recorded at The Belly Up on October 29, 2013 the album features 11 songs and over 67 minutes of music. Grab your favorite song or get the whole recording for $6.99

Rusted Root – Live at the Belly Up

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